Hi, I'm Morgan.

I'm a UX Designer who loves decision science, complex adaptive systems, and people. Most of all people. Take a look around and then let's chat.

Hightail Uplink

Charged with resurrecting a popular yet neglected product, I combed through user-data and prototyped concepts to create a new experience, new features, and an onboarding flow. The redesign produced significant upticks in adoption and engagement (+8k users and +45k file-sends in the first 3 months). (Fall 2013)

Hightail for Enterprise

In 2014, as part of a company-wide reorganization, I was chosen to be the official liaison to the enterprise business unit. I facilitate communication and advocate for Design. I work with product managers, customer representatives, salespeople, and engineers to understand the enterprise business and look for ways improve our process and our products.

Hightail Enterprise Usage Report

Designed a new feature for e-discovery requirements and pushed for important usability and navigation improvements. The most advanced feature that Hightail offers; often a highlight of sales demos. (Fall 2012)

Pervasive Interaction and Experience Design

Worked with a team to design and prototype a pervasive (ubicomp) application for the University of Michigan’s brand-new North Quad Residential complex. Used contextual inquiry and “speed-dating” techniques to understand users and the physical environment. The project required us to design for an ecosystem of wall-displays, smartphones, and web-apps. Presented to community directors and developed concept videos (see below for final video). Final prototype featured live QR-codes and semi-responsive adaptive text.